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texas born artist. AMERICAN RAISED.

Skills Include

Large Murals

Exhibit Design


Art Consulting


Why artkungfu?

In addition to his fine arts training he has competed as a professional martial artist, in 2003 he ranked 6th nationally as a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan.  He has been playing TaiChi for well over a decade and continues teaching the art of TaiChi to the public.


To create moments of beauty in an otherwise dull landscape.


Since the early 90’s he has since served as an artist, curator, exhibition designer and arts administrator throughout Texas.

About Street Art of Artkungfu

Angel Quesada (#ARTKUNGFU) has been making artworks for over 25 years. Having always been fascinated by the visceral power of color, and metaphor, he continues to develop these ideas in his process. Influenced by Mexican artists Rufino Tamayo, Adolfo Best-Maugard who was the Minister of Drawing in Mexico, and other Latin American Artists, Quesada revels in exploring the fine line that connects geometry, spirituality, and being able to see the human hand at work in a large scale context.

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